2011 Antarctic Recce

Laura's fluke

Photo: Laura Parish

In February 2011, I went down to Antarctica on Skip Novak’s Pelagic Australis as a recce to see whether Mina2 and I were up to our own planned expedition in January 2012. Miles Wise was skipper, with Laura Parish (then partner, now wife) as First Mate and Dave Roberts (now skipper of Little Pelagic) as Second Mate. All were magnificent in their professionalism and hospitality. They were generous in giving me all the knowledge and experience necessary to realise that taking Mina2 down there was madness. I went anyway.

Not strictly a Mina2 log but I blogged whilst down there, and you can read it HERE

One comment on “2011 Antarctic Recce
  1. Derek Hillen says:

    Just awesome. Well written, funny and inspiring.



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