New Island, Falklands

New Island, West Falkland

“Tim’s blog is quite amusing, but rather self-indulgent and only loosely based on the truth” – Spouse of a crew member

“Dear Sir Tim …..  keep up with the blog. It’s a cracker” – Elizabeth R (Click on this link, and look at page 34)

“Tim, will you be getting a bigger boat, or will you make do with this one?” – Guest, after two days on Mina2

“Your blog is better than The Archers” – Barbara Traill, President For Life, Mina2 Blog Fan Club

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Other Bons Mots

Definition of a yacht – a small vessel, usually a boat, which becomes a yacht when the owner is trying to sell it or get laid

Definition of cruising – sailing to exotic places and fixing things

Boat Ownership – standing fully clothed under a cold shower tearing up £50 notes

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