2012/13 Amazonian Cruise

4500 miles from 14 October 2012 to 6 March 2013

This was a cruise of islands and rivers – and breakdowns. After a short “holiday” with the DS in the Bahia Ilha Grande when we spent most of our time dealing with a diesel bug problem, Mina2 left Rio de Janeiro and sailed up the coast of Brazil visiting the islands of Abrolhos and Morro de Sao Paulo before sailing into Salvador for a week of unscheduled repairs. We then continued round the bump of Brazil visiting Fernando do Noronho and Ilha Dos Lencois before arriving at Devils Island off French Guiana. After Christmas we explored the rivers and jungles of Suriname and Guyana before sailing to Tobago in the Caribbean and ending up in Grenada where Mina2 has been laid up for a well-earned rest.

The journal of this cruise is under construction

See the photos HERE

You can zoom in and out of the chart below to show details of our track
N.B. The track on this chart is representative only and should NOT be used for navigational purposes

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