Mr Paul’s Viagra Tree and Other Delights

So having brought you up to date with Pet Officer Snoopy’s position, let’s get back to the delivery cruise from Grenada to Antigua. Our stay in Martinique was an overnighter before heading off the following morning to Prince Rupert Bay

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Snoopy & Amundsen – Can You Tell The Difference?

In my last post I told you that Pet Officer Snoopy hero-worshipped Roald Amundsen, the legendary Norwegian polar explorer. When Snoopy came back from his attempt to be the first beagle to conquer the North West Passage, he was sporting

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Pet Officer Snoopy and the North West Passage – The Full Story

Since I started blogging again I have been inundated with complaints from blogfans across the world. Enough of your self-satisfied tales of your lotus-eating in the Caribbean. What happened to Pet Officer Snoopy? Is he locked in the Arctic wastes

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A Sickly Crew

It took Neil a full three days to get over his food/alcohol poisoning/chikungunya and his long-suffering wife Sarah (to whom, you will recall, Neil proposed marriage on the satellite phone whilst crossing the equator on Mina2 back in 2009) will

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Gentleman’s Sailing

There is a saying that “Gentlemen don’t sail upwind”. Rodney Bay in St Lucia is a turning point. The East Caribbean islands form an arc. Starting in Grenada in the south the islands stretch towards to nor’northeast. With the almost

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The Passage Plan

Neil and Lawrence were to be with Mina2 for two weeks during which time our mission was to sail 350 miles north from Grenada to Antigua. It is something you could do in 2 ½ days if one sailed non-stop

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The Crew Arrive Tired and Emotional

You can imagine it’s a bit of a struggle finding anyone to fly to the Caribbean for a free two-week sailing holiday, island-hopping in superb winds from one paradise island to another in a thoroughbred luxury ocean-going yacht, but old

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The Great Plague

A small mosquito arrived in the Caribbean just over a year ago, carrying with it a disease called Chikungunya. It takes about a week to incubate and the first symptoms are a high fever like the worst flu you’ve ever

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I Have a Dream

I have a dream. I have a dream that I leave Mina2 with a boatyard for 6 to 8 months with a list of things I need to have done in my absence. I have a dream that after a

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Pet Officer Snoopy Runs Away to Sea

Last night I heard a distraught cry from the Downstairs Skipper as she picked up an email from my sister Linda on Suilven in Nuuk (Greenland) saying that, moored up in the harbour, she had been down below when she

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