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Mina2 Sprints Towards a Holiday

Date: 16 February 2014 Position: 17:15.011N 062:39.574W White House Bay, St Kitts This is the first day for a couple of weeks that I’ve been able to find time to fashion a blog, so a bit of a catch up.

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Sorry for the Absence

Currently at Green Island in Antigua. Date: 10 February 2014 Position: 17:04.438N 061:40.436W We lost all email comms for about four days. Been sorting out the rigging problems with no rapid success and then three days ago my back went

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Date: 31 January 2014 Position: 14:44.411N 061:10.679W, St Pierre, Martinique Whilst the drawn-out farce of the incompetent rigger was playing out, the DS was in the wings taking everything in. “I hadn’t realised that the incorrect fitting of such a

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