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Pet Officer Snoopy Runs Away to Sea

Last night I heard a distraught cry from the Downstairs Skipper as she picked up an email from my sister Linda on Suilven in Nuuk (Greenland) saying that, moored up in the harbour, she had been down below when she

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Track Suilven on her Great Northern Adventure

If you want to track Suilven, on which my sister Linda and bro-in-law John are heading for the North West Passage, you can do so here: The other yacht on the chart, heading for Greenland (Suilven are stopping off

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Ice Again!

You will remember my sister, Linda, and John my bro-in-law joined me for the long passage from Buenos Aires down to the Falklands, Staten Island and ending up in Ushuaia. We got hit by a hurrcane-force storm north of the

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Cruising Backwards Round The Caribbean

The Downstairs Skipper and I returned to Mina2 about four weeks ago, having left her bobbing on a mooring (Mina2 that is – not the DS) in Falmouth Harbour in Antigua. One of the first things I did was to

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Just to let you know, I have now put on to the website not just the edited log of our Amazonian Gremlin Cruise, but also the unexpurgated blog. At 28,000 words, contemperaneously crafted as the drama unfolded, you can meander

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Journal of Amazonian cruise now posted to website

Very overdue I’m afraid, but I have just posted the illustrated journal of our Amazonian Gremlin cruise to the website. You can access it from HERE

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Mina2 Sprints Towards a Holiday

Date: 16 February 2014 Position: 17:15.011N 062:39.574W White House Bay, St Kitts This is the first day for a couple of weeks that I’ve been able to find time to fashion a blog, so a bit of a catch up.

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