Just to let you know, I have now put on to the website not just the edited log of our Amazonian Gremlin Cruise, but also the unexpurgated blog. At 28,000 words, contemperaneously crafted as the drama unfolded, you can meander more slowly from crisis to crisis – but I would advise you to take some anti-depressants before you start. You can read it HERE.

As some of you may know, the DS and I are back in the UK for a few short weeks before returning to Mina2 next month. Last night the DS and I went to the Hanson Lecture of the Cruising Association here in London. The talk was given by good friend Paul Heiney about his “Dash To The Horn” – the gripping tale of his 18,000nm epic adventure from the car park of Sainsburys in Newton Abbott to (and round) Cape Horn and back to the car park again. For 12,000 of the miles, Paul was sailing single-handed. Awesome. Many of the places he went to were the same as those that Mina2 visited, so it brought back many pleasant memories. You can read Paul’s blog HERE.

After the talk was the annual prize giving ceremony and I was surprised (the CA don’t tell even the recipients in advance of who has won what) to find myself going up to receive The Lacey Trophy for the best cruising blog/website of 2013. So it’s official – www.mina2.com is the one to watch.
This morning I came downstairs to find Pet Officer Snoopy at the front door.
“Where are you off to Snoops” I asked.
“What for?”
“We need to build an extension to the Trophy Room”
Honestly, what a show-off he is.


Tim Barker is a sailor and occasional adventurer. Since 2004, Mina2, his Oyster 485 yacht, and he (with the Downstairs Skipper and a wonderful bunch of friends) have sailed from the Arctic to the Antarctic and many places in between. Come join their adventures and read Tim's award winning blogs and journals from the comfort of your own computer screen.

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