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Shame and Embarrassment

Date: 15 January 2014 Position: 12°27.352N 061°29.249W, Tyrrell Bay, Carriacou I am covered with shame and embarrassment. I understand that Pet Officer Snoopy took it upon himself to post a blog about our winning some prize or other. I have

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Mina2 Honoured As a Proper Expedition Vessel

Hello Everyone! Pet Officer Snoopy here. It has just been announced that Mina2 has been honoured by the Royal Cruising Club with the Goldsmith Exploration Award. This is awarded “For an expedition to, or a survey of, little known or

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Mina2 Back In Her Element

At last, after 10 months of stagnation out of the water at Grenada Marine, Mina2 is back in her element on the water again. The transition was not without its drama. With her brand new arch at the stern, embellished

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Wind taken out of the Skippers Sails

So, the Christmas break is over and today the boatyard opened for business after two weeks of holiday. As is the way with every boatyard in the world, you leave your boat in their care for ten months with a

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Confessions of a Boogie Bum;

I may have spoken too soon about the good security at the boatyard. We bumped into a couple at the hotel this morning who were going to the boatyard to clear up the considerable mess after their yacht had been

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Reunited with my Beloved

It was our first morning in the luxury hotel in the Caribbean. I was pacing up and down the recently raked beach like a caged lion. The DS, draped on a sun lounger trying to read some light holiday novel,

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Heaven in the Air, but Hell on Earth

The Two Skippers of Mina2 would like to wish all our Blogfollowers fair winds and tight lines for 2014. Party animals that we are, on the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve the DS had her head under a

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